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Freemasonry - Its Purposes & Objectives

To Build Character: the primary purpose of Freemasonry is to build character, a man's most valuable possession.

To Have Respect for the Individual: Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization with members in virtually every country in the free world. Composed of men of various political beliefs, nearly every national origin and religion, Masons are taught to have faith in and respect for one another, as well as for every human being.

To Foster personal Liberty Based on Ethical and Moral Values: An inquiry into the history, ideals and everyday actions of Masons will reveal that Freemasonry has a grand design to champion and foster the causes of individual liberty and justice for the betterment of mankind. Masons believe that the strength of family, the church, the community and the Nation rests with persons of strong conviction, firm ethical and moral values: persons sharing a devotion to our republican form of government and to free public education which provides the enlightened citizens so essential to the permanence of our democracy.

To Accept Individual Responsibilities: Masons help each other to intensify their devotion to those enduring values which follow the basic tenets of brotherly love, relief, truth, hope and abiding faith in God's supreme Law. Masons strive to develop character by stressing civic and social morality; to exercise charity through universal love and compassion; to accept individual responsibilities as a mason to his God, his country, his neighbor, himself and his family.

A Man's First Step: To the man who is looking for the healthy relationship from companionship and friendship, with deeper meaning in life, and who wants to be part of a fraternal organization committed to his inner-growth and improvement, and to the general service to mankind, Freemasonry is filled with limitless possibilities.

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